To read the latest that is sprouting in our garden, take a look in the tool shed.

Thanks for making the Shandaken Community Gardens a great place! And check out the recent press SCG received in the Woodstock Times: Shandaken Community Garden Ready for Seeds


Our mission:

Our mission is to create community gardens in the hamlets of Shandaken, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together in the simple shared experience of growing food, flowers and herbs.

Our vision:

Our goal is for Shandaken Community Gardens to foster a greater sense of community, promote health, and provide nutritious local produce to participants and community members in need. Gardens will provide a place of beauty for everyone to enjoy as well as educational opportunities for the community to learn about growing food.

Create natural, chemical-free community gardens

The gardens will provide members of the community a place to grow their own food, flowers & herbs alongside one another, a portion of which will be donated to those in need. The garden will empower participants, create additional food security, and improve health by providing nutritious, fresh produce free from harmful chemicals.

Foster a greater sense of community

Community members will have a unique opportunity to engage with and get to know one another by working side by side in the garden and through garden events such as harvest parties, potlucks, tours, etc. The garden will also provide intergenerational opportunities.

Educate the Community

The garden will promote the personal and environmental benefits of chemical-free gardening. It will serve as a model of sustainable growing and self-sufficiency. Community members will have opportunities to learn how to garden sustainably. More experienced gardeners will share their expertise with newer growers and act as informal mentors. The garden will demonstrate the joy and value of growing food by offering “tasting tours” and other garden-based learning opportunities for children as well as adult members of the community.