Putting Your Beds to Bed


While many flowers are still strutting their stuff, and cold-loving brassicas are in their prime, it’s actually the perfect time to start thinking of how to ready the garden for winter!

Autumn is upon us. Frost is not far off…

Do you know how to take care of your plot or home garden so that it is nutrient-rich and weedless come Spring? Share your knowledge and learn from experienced gardeners at:

Shandaken Community Gardens at Phoenicia Elementary School
2:30-4:40pm, Sunday October 13th

A hands-on afternoon of learning while we prepare garden beds for colder months. Join us for:

  • mulching
  • garlic planting
  • cover cropping
  • soil enriching

Even if you’re not quite ready to put yours to bed, come for:

  • a special harvest of the Community Roots bed, whose beets & carrots will go to a local food pantry
  • flower and herb picking (if frost hasn’t hit yet)

***If you can, please bring bags of leaves for beds and our compost pile!!***

Hope to see you there,